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The story

About Us

Built on the blazing-fast Solana blockchain, I Wish I Was a WOOF harnesses the unparalleled scalability and low transaction costs of this cutting-edge network. Say goodbye to slow transactions and high fees—I Wish I Was a WOOF on Solana ensures swift, efficient, and cost-effective operations.

I Wish I Was a WOOF NFTs

Dive into the world of digital creativity with I Wish I Was a WOOF NFTs—a fusion of art, technology, and the unstoppable power of the Solana blockchain. Each I Wish I Was a WOOF NFT is a unique masterpiece, a symbol of individuality and innovation. Own a piece of the future as I Wish I Was a WOOF NFTs redefine the boundaries of digital art on the decentralized canvas.

Mini Game

Embark on an adventure with the I Wish I Was a WOOF Mini Game—a thrilling experience that combines entertainment with blockchain rewards. Engage in challenges, conquer levels, and earn I Wish I Was a WOOF tokens while immersing yourself in the I Wish I Was a WOOF universe. The Mini Game is more than just a pastime; it's a gateway to exciting rewards and a community-driven gaming revolution.

Community Contest

At I Wish I Was a WOOF, we believe in the strength of community-driven initiatives. The I Wish I Was a WOOF Community Contest is your chance to shine. Share your ideas, contribute to the ecosystem, and stand a chance to win amazing rewards. Whether it's a creative concept, a strategic proposal, or a unique use case, your contributions can shape the future of I Wish I Was a WOOF.

Our Goals


Phase 01

Team Building
Build a community on Telegram
Website Live
Develop the Contract

Phase 02

I Wish I Was a WOOF LIVE
Dextools Update
Solana Trending
Dexscreener Update
Community Contest
Massive Marketing

Phase 03

Influencer partnerships
MiniGame Release
Listing on Top tier centralized
Meme competitions
Future NFTs
RoadMap Update

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is this token ?

In the I Wish I Was a WOOF (I Wish I Was a WOOF) ecosystem, the concept of "Dev Authority Revoked" emphasizes the decentralized nature of the project by ensuring that the development team's authority over the smart contracts is limited and subject to community governance. This mechanism signifies a commitment to community-driven decision-making and reduces the risk of centralization. Additionally, the "LP Burn" mechanism involves the intentional burning of liquidity provider (LP) tokens, typically conducted in a transparent and verifiable manner. This process enhances the scarcity of the I Wish I Was a WOOF token, contributing to its deflationary nature and potentially positively impacting its value over time. Together, these features underscore I Wish I Was a WOOF's dedication to decentralization, transparency, and tokenomics that benefit the broader community.

What is your contract address ?